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Eye Dazzler Knotted Pot by M.C. Antonio MA201


Artist:  Mellissa Antonio  FREE SHIPPING!

Tribe:  Acoma

Material:  Clay, Organic Paint

Measurements:  10" H, 6.25" W, 9.5" D

Eye Dazzler is the type of design which is appropriate for this pot!  All hand coiled and painted with natural organic paint.  Really thick clay work and just a solid pot!  

Melissa Antonio, member of the Red Corn Clan and the Sun Clan, was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1965. She was raised in the traditional way and was taught to respect the Mother Earth, all its creatures, and the clay that it provides. She sparked an interest in becoming an artisan by observing her mother, Lillie Concho, at the age of 12. Lillie taught Melissa the process of gathering clay, preparing the clay, and making natural colors from other natural pigments which were gathered from within the Acoma Pueblo. By the time Melissa reached the age of 23, her skills had improved and her art reflected her experience as a fine artisan.


Melissa specializes in hand coiling the traditional black on white eye dazzler patterns. Her pottery is all constructed by methods used by her ancestors. Melissa will accent her pottery by adding a kokopelli band down the side of her pottery on occasion. She signs her pottery as: M.C. Antonio, Acoma.

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